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X series salt chlorinator is an intelligent device which
automatically generates chlorine through the generator cell.
There are five models to choose from to suit your budget
and requirement.
Every X series chlorinator is user friendly and nearly
maintenance-free. For someone who is looking for
the best of the best, X-51 is the pick. It works in associate
with Minder’s Automatic Pool Control System (APCS).
Since pH sensor and ORP sensor are built in to APCS, which
provide accurate information to the salt chlorinator
to produce correct amount of chlorine, meaning no more
guess work.


Model Functionality  Chlorine Generation Rate Suitable Pool Size (m)
X-21 (S/L) 3-in-1 multifuctions S = 25, L = 30 (g/h) S <80, L < 160
X-31 (S/L) Full automatic controlled S = 25, L = 30 (g/h) S <80, L < 160
X-32 (S/L) Full automatic controlled with off-peak shut down S = 25, L = 30 (g/h) S <80, L < 160
X-42 (S/L) Manual controlled S = 25, L = 30 (g/h) S <80, L < 160
X-51 (S/L) Contralised controlled by Minder's APCS (sold seperately). S = 25, L = 30 (g/h) S <80, L < 160