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MB Series Ladders

Minder's ladders made from high quality stainless steel tube. Each tube surrounded with 2.4 mm thickness of stainless steel.

All ladders certified to manage

- grab handle can withstand horizontal pull force of 165kg;

- tread can withstand downward vertical force of 329kg. 

Product specifications

Model Step Material No. of Steps Tube Diameter Height
MBS215 S-STEEL 2 42mm 1320
MBS315 S-STEEL 3 42mm 1570
MBS415 S-STEEL 4 42mm 1820
MBS515 S-STEEL 5 42mm 2070
MBP215 ABS PLASTIC 2 42mm 1320
MBP315 ABS PLASTIC 3 42mm 1570
MBP415 ABS PLASTIC 4 42mm 1820
MBP515 ABS PLASTIC 5 42mm 2070