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Minder Residential Filters
State-of-the-art residential filters range from industrial grade filament winding “Bobbinwound” finish or sleek elegant look of laminate finish
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Minder Commercial Filters
Improved strength fiberglass filters for your commercial needs. Minder offers vertical and horizontal fiberglass filters range with different sizes and finish options of laminate finish or industrial grade filament winding “Bobbinwound” finish
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MXB-ECO Variable Speed Pump
Energy saving variable speed pump Minderspeed-ECO offers excellent cost saving on electricity up to 90% and quietness of operation
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Aquatic life support system equipment for aquarium, aquaculture and fishpond
Wide range of aquatic life support system equipment with excellent quality and high performance are available
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Industrial Water Treatment
Minder offers variety of equipment designed for industrial water treatment such as multi-media layer filtration, ion exchange, biofiltration etc
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About Minder

At Minder, we serve as water treatment equipment manufacturer and one-stop supplies for Pool & Spa, Aquatic Life Support System and Industrial sector. Our focus has always been achieving top quality, competitiveness and excellent support for our customers. With our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Guangzhou, China with support from our international sales & marketing division in Malaysia and headquartered in Australia, we strive to be the very best global supplier and solution provider.

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